Gerald was my oldest brother of 3 brothers. Gerald was 19 when he left home and I was only 8 yrs old. I remember when we lived on Clarke street I wanted to follow my brothers everywhere. My brothers got to name me – So Gerald picked out my first name which is “Wanda” and named me after his favorite cousin “Wanda Lee Evans” and George named me “Susan”. John wanted to name me “Gary” – so thank goodness that was ruled out!

As a kid growing up I was always excited to see my big brother return home. We were fortunate to spend more time together when he moved back to Oklahoma and truly got to know each other as “adults”. He would always call me “Sis” or by my full name-.

He had a sense of humor yet was also kind of onery too at the same time. He was loved by all. The one story in my childhood that I remember hearing about was as a teenager – at our church pastors house the youth group was playing the game “Monopoly”. Gerald decided to call home and proceeded to tell my mother “he had been thrown in jail and he needed $200 dollars to get out of jail”.

I don’t think at the time, my mother thought it was so funny but through the years the story would come up and she would laugh and laugh about it. The one character that Gerald (Jerry) had above all – was his love for his family. I got the opportunity to be around my brother during the last years of our parent’s lives. He was compassionate, understanding and very caring. When it came to dealing with our dad, my brother’s realized that I was the only one who could reason with him. After all – I was the youngest and the only daughter my Mom & Daddy had. We had to make some tough decisions about their care but what I appreciate the most about my brothers was that we were united together as a family when making those decisions.

I didn’t want to say goodbye to my brother when he returned Canada to be reunited with his family – but I knew this is where his heart was and he wanted to spend the last years with his children and grandchildren. I am glad he got to spend time with Mom & Dad in the last chapter of their lives as he certainly watched out for Mom and Dad.

He had the opportunity to bond with Daddy and be around our mother who was such a kind, loving woman. Gerald loved his family very much and I know he wished he had spent more time with you while you were growing up but the call of the Navy was in his blood. He served our country well and in my book was a hero. He spoke of all of you often and loved you beyond measure.

Gerald W Overall, my brother, was a very special man. I shall forever miss you but I know you are walking heaven’s streets with Mom & Dad and our brother John. May God comfort you and keep you. May you never forget the memories created and may you never forget your Dad / Grandfather. He loved you with all of his heart and more.

Love to you all

Auntie Susan