Being the middle sibling of the four of us created a lot of memories for me. Gerald was 15 months older than me, and from the fourth grade until high school graduation we were in the same grade. Since we didn’t have any high school classes together we each had our set of friends. We slept in the same bedroom until we graduated.
Although Gerald made a career in the Navy, during high school he always planned to go into the Air Force at the end of the summer after graduation.
I, on the other hand, planned on going into Navy, and did so in September, 1959. You can imagine how surprised I was when, while eating chow during the third week of boot camp, I saw my brother Gerald going through the chow line. I thought ’what is he doing here’, he said he was going into the Air Force. Taking a chance, I went to his barracks the same evening to try to get to talk to him. He told me he had gone to the Air Force recruiter, but he was out to lunch, so he step across the hall to the Navy recruiter and joined the Navy. And that is how a career in the Navy started.
I haven’t been able to see Gerald for many years. And I have missed him a lot, but he has been in my thoughts many times
We lost our younger brother, John Earl Overall, a few years a go. I know the loss saddened Gerald, as it did me.
In will miss my brother, Gerald. I wish I could have seen him more. REST IN PEACE GERALD,
Your Brother,
George A Overall
Owes, Oklahoma