One of my best memories is from when I was about 15 and my buddies and I had gone out the night before and I had drunk a bit too much alright way to much and my buddies had to pour me home. The next morning I thought I was in so much trouble and with a major hang over when I got up in the morning. My mom told me my dad want me out in the work shed. Well this is it I thought time to face the music. Well little did I know what I had to face was not a bawling out but Dad had planed a bunch of work that involved hammers, saws and just about every power tool he owned. Now me with a massive headache and probably dehydrated I could not escape. He never said a word about the night before just made me work in that workshop for about 4 hours and he seemed to revel in my pain.

dad and the boys

dad teaching the kids to fish

Dad and Ian